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International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society 

History of past IBAAS conferences

December, 2012

First International symposium of IBAAS on the topic ’Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Industry of Asia – Vision 2020’, December 3-5, 2012 in association with JNARDDC (Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development & Design Centre) in Nagpur, India.

November, 2013

 Second International symposium of IBAAS on the topic 'Present Status and Future Prospects of Bauxite- Alumina and Aluminium Industry of the World, with Special Reference to China', November 28-30, 2013 in association with CHALIECO (China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd.) and ANTAIKE (Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd)   in Nanning, Guangxi, China  

International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS) was set up and registered in India [Registration No. MAH-820/12 (N.)] by professionals active in various fields of aluminium industry. 

During 2014, IBAAS is associated and holding following International events:

  1.  Asian Metal’s 5th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit to be held during May 28-30, 2014, Yantai, Shandong, China and IBAAS is the organising partner of this conference. Please click here to download the latest circular. Please contact IBAAS office ( for further details.

  2.  18th International conference on Non-ferrous Minerals and Metals to be held during July 11-12, 2014 in Nagpur by Corporate Monitor in association with IBAAS. Please contact IBAAS office ( for further details.  Please click here for the brochure. and the registration form.
  1. 3rdInternational Symposium of IBAAS on the topic “Technological Improvements & Market Developments in Aluminum Industry with Special Reference to Value Added products of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium” during November 27-29, 2014 in Visakhapatnam India in co-operation with CHALIECO (China) & JNARDDC (India). Please click to download the circular and registration form.

Asian Metals, China is organizing 5th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit, on May 28-30, 2014 in Yantai of Shandong, China in association with IBAAS.  The Shandong province is presently a hub of bauxite-alumina refineries of China and this will provide an excellent opportunity for bauxite mine owners, traders and alumina refiners to witness the latest developments in bauxite import and effect of Indonesia’s export restriction.  On behalf of IBAAS and Asian Metals, we invite you to participate and present paper on developments of new bauxite deposits, bauxite mining and alumina production world over.

The 18th International Conference on Non-ferrous Minerals and Metals will mainly focus on latest developments in the field of alumina-aluminium, manganese, copper, non-ferrous minerals, heavy minerals, rare earths and zinc industry with special emphasis on waste generation and their utilization. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to interact with leaders of non-ferrous industries, R&D people and equipment manufacturers in this part of the world. 

The Annual IBAAS International symposium of 2014 will be held during November 27-29, 2014 in Visakhapatnam city on the east coast of India. The low prices of aluminium in the world market necessitates upgrading of alumina technology and smelting process for improved productivity and reduced cost of production. In this sphere, Chinese and Indian aluminium industries and R&D centres are intensively working and it is necessary to highlight these achievements through this International Symposium. Developments in technology and applications/uses of non-metallurgical bauxite and alumina are also significantly visible thanks to rapidly growing markets. Taking all these facts into account, the Symposium has been planned with the following objectives:

  • To review the present technological developments in the world and their relevance to Indian and Chinese Aluminium Industry.
  • To review the promising research and development activities aimed at improving plants.
  • To highlight the proposed Greenfield activities of aluminium industry.
  • Latest technological developments in the field of non metallurgical bauxite, alumina and special value added products.
  • To elaborate on marketing aspects of bauxite, alumina and aluminium and value added products.
  • Provide a platform for the plants involved in production of special products to highlight technological developments, new products and their market potential.

 The Symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with International experts, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, representatives of aluminium industries world over.


Authors, experts and industry professionals are invited to submit abstracts/papers for technical presentations in the Conference. 


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