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 International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS) in association with Camen Resources, is organizing 6th International Bauxite – Alumina symposium (IBAAS-2017) in Conakry, Guinea during September 21- 22, 2017. The title of the IBAAS-2017 symposium is “Sustainable Development of Bauxite & Alumina Industry in Guinea”.
Guinea, being a happening place for rapid development of bauxite mining & export, this west African country has been selected for the 6th International Bauxite-Alumina symposium. Guinea ranks first in the world in bauxite reserves and in coming years this country will surpass the giant Australia in high-grade bauxite export. Despite the tremendous development in bauxite mining industry, Guinea’s and Africa’s only alumina refinery is struggling to survive. Fria alumina refinery of Guinea is closed since 2012 and there is no new alumina refinery is visible on the horizon. Further rapid construction of bauxite mining industry and port / jetties requires sustainable development to reap the benefits of a large high grade bauxite resources. Keeping this in view, IBAAS symposium is being organized in this country to discuss all the issues of bauxite-alumina industry in the country.   
The symposium organizing committee is formulating a World Class Program focusing on key topics and issues in the bauxite and alumina area relevant to Guinea.

The main areas to be covered are as follows:
    Geological & Geomorphological Features of Guinea Bauxite
    Updates on Bauxite Exploration activities in Guinea
    Present status of Bauxite Mining in Guinea
    Position of Guinea Bauxite in the world
    Environmental aspects of Bauxite Mining & Exports
    Sustainable development of Bauxite exploitation in Guinea
    Techno – Economics of settings up Alumina Refinery in Guinea
    Need to set up Bauxite-Alumina Institute in Guinea
    Comparative economics of setting up of refinery in Guinea and other countries
     Marketing aspects of Guinea Bauxite

The Symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with Bauxite Mining & Exploration companies of Guinea, International experts, Scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Representatives of bauxite-alumina industries world over.  
The Organising committee is inviting Companies and professionals to present technical papers in the 6th International Symposium of IBAAS relevant to the theme of the conference. Sponsorship packages are available to promote your companies in the conference, which will provide an un-parallel access to worldwide audience. For more information, please  contact us.
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IBAAS  2016

The 5th IBAAS symposium on the topic ‘Aluminium Industry-The Evolving Asia-Pacific Story’ was held successfully in Goa India during September 26 – 28, 2016. This International Symposium (IBAAS 2016) was jointly organized with The Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) and attracted more than 200 delegates from all over the world. The conference was organized closely in association with Indian Primary Aluminium Producers like HINDALCO, VEDANTA and NALCO. The first day theme of the conference was ‘Energy Reduction in Aluminium Smelting’ jointly organised by IBAAS and IIM.
As many as 77 technical papers were presented in the conference during 2 and half days of deliberations covering wide range of subjects from Bauxite Mining to Aluminium Downstream products. The presentations were grouped into Bauxite-Alumina, Non Metallurgical Bauxite & Alumina (Specials), Bauxite Residue, Aluminium smelter design and Spent Pot Lining, Sustainability and Environmental Issues, Secondary and Downstream manufacturing etc. About 200 delegates including 60 foreigners participated in the above event.
The symposium was spread over in 9 Technical Sessions covering topics like Energy Reduction in Aluminium Smelting, Special Alumina & Non-Metallurgical Bauxite, Key note addresses by renowned speakers on Bauxite – Alumina, Bauxite Residue Handling, Storage & Utilisation, Aluminium Smelting, Aluminium Downstream and Transportation & Conductors. The symposium was organised professionally, well attended and provided valuable inputs for the aluminium industry. The topics of the Symposium were quite relevant and interesting especially for the Energy Reduction in Aluminium Smelting session and special alumina session. It also provided platform for exchange of knowledge and deliberations on technical challenges in the Aluminium industry. Contents of the presentations were excellent and of high level. 

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