IBAAS International Bauxite Alumina and Aluminium Society


 The Bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry is developing at a fairly good pace in the world and spectacular growth is visible in China, India and Brazil. Several other countries like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Guinea are proposing to invest huge amounts into development of the vast resources of Bauxite.
While the downstream industry is facing the challenge of technology upgradation and high investment costs, the upstream industry is constantly under the threat of ever changing regulatory laws with respect to mining, social development and technology, besides the need for a huge investment in infrastructure for the mining, refining and smelting operations.

 It is strongly felt that an organization is specifically needed to focus on these issues and work in the field of bauxite geology, mining, beneficiation, alumina refining and aluminium smelting technology particularly in Asian region.   A group of leading scientists, engineers, managers and experts in this line have set up a registered society IBAAS to promote this industry in this part of the world.
This society will also provide a platform to number of non-metallurgical value added bauxite and alumina producers of the world. Apart from large primary metal producers, Asia is becoming the biggest hub for small scale industries, producing value added bauxite, alumina and aluminum products. This International society will address various technical and other issues being faced by large primary aluminium producers and also group of non-metallurgical bauxite / alumina producers of world. 

The main objectives of this society is to:
  • Provide platform for aluminium industry professionals  to interact and work together with common goals for development.
  •  Organise annual and bi-annual workshop, seminar and conferences in association with primary aluminium producers and/or R&D centres.
  • Represent primary aluminium industry as an independent organisation.
  • Promote latest technology and advertise products and equipment.
  • Publish, papers, monographs and books to highlight latest achievements in the field.
  • Facilitate technology transfer and compile a list of experts available in the field.

The initial activities will be focussed in the Asian region with special attention to India, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and UAE. India and China, representing the 34 % of the world population, are dynamically developing countries. China is presently the largest producer of alumina and aluminium in the world and further growth in Asia are fueled by countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. 

The activities of this society may be further expanded to BRIC countries, seeking in the process, cooperation from similar organizations in US, Australia and Canada.
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